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Casual Crafts and Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are one of the most important modalities in activities of daily life. Fine motor skills are the coordination of small movements, often involving the movements of hands and fingers. Fine motor skills are what enables a person to zip up a jacket, button a shirt, write with a pen, and so forth. There are many disorders that can hinder fine motor skills in older adults. With participation in activities that use fine motor skills, the muscles and joints can be strengthened and allow for optimum use throughout senior adulthood.

Doing exercises for hands and fingers can be boring and monotonous, so instead we are going to combine fine motor exercises with fun and creative activities. Not only do we get to exercise our fine movements, but we also get to participate in activities that will boost moral and give a sense of purpose.

Building a birdhouse! Who doesn’t love the sight of a bright red cardinal or little yellow finch on their back porch? As winter approaches and food becomes scarce, birds are in need of locations to find food! Building a birdhouse is a great way to begin a new hobby of bird watching from your own window. Not only that, but we’re also engaging in our fine motor movements while we make it!

Building a birdhouse is easy, inexpensive, and is fun in both a group setting or on your own! Finding the wood for the birdhouse can be easy- you can go to a home improvement store and buy wood that fits the birdhouse size of your choice. You can choose to use wood glue or nails to secure your pieces together. Often, you can find pre-made birdhouse wood, that way you don’t have to worry about cutting a hole in the wood. Something you can add to your birdhouse to further incorporate fine motor skills, and to add some bling to your birdhouse, is to glue pennies to the roof in horizontal rows. It will give it a shingle-like look and attract birds from every tree

This fun project will keep you engaged in activity, build those fine motor muscles, and possibly even give you a new hobby. Invite your friends over and build some memories while you build your birdhouses!

At Brighter Living, we understand how to engage in productive, life-enhancing activities! We want to continue to work with you in enhancing your fine motor skills while you participate in these fun activities. Learn more about our other services at http://abrighterliving.com/


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