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How Adult Day Care Centers Can Help Your Loved One

It is no small task to tackle both your everyday responsibilities while also making sure the adult family members in your life that have unique needs are taken care of. Many in the elderly community are taking medications, managing medical conditions, or simply going through emotional and physical changes that they need assistance with. Adult daycare might be the right option for your elderly loved one!

Adult day care provides an environment for senior citizens where they can find community and maintain a healthy social life. Brighter Living is one such daycare. They offer many different ways for seniors to thrive and have a social life, including providing them with crafts to do, holiday parties to attend, and even pet therapy! The staff at Brighter Living are specially trained to serve the unique needs of seniors, helping them keep track of their medications, making sure they have nutritious meals, and basic hygiene tasks such as bathing, oral care and hair care. There is also a registered nurse on staff, who is able to help with monitoring medical needs such as medication management, blood pressure screenings, and treating wounds.

Another benefit of being in an adult day care is the personalized manage care plan that guests receive. Assigned staff help you identify what your loved one’s healthcare needs are, and make sure that you receive tailored care that will provide seniors with a safe and secure environment. Brighter Living has activities that focus on specific needs such as crafts for developing fine motor skills, gardening, and music therapy to help with mental stimulation and provide a calm atmosphere.

The great thing about adult day cares such as Brighter Living is that many of them offer both full and half day options, making it more affordable and practical for you and your loved one. Brighter Living offers financial assistance as well to those that qualify, providing many ways to fit adult day care into your budget.

There is nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are taken care of. Consider checking out adult daycare with the senior loved one in your life who might be able to use extra assistance or is in need of long term care that provides a sense of family rather than a doctor-patient dynamic. Be sure to check out Brighter Living as you begin your search; they may be just the “home away from home” you and your loved one have been looking for.


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